Urban Mystic is an award winner, having been selected as a Finalist in the Spirituality category of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. This placed it in the top five books in this category.

An extraordinary book, it takes hold of us from the first line and carries us through to the end.

Common comments include:

•  I couldn’t put it down
•  I savoured it like a good meal that I didn’t want to end
•  I read a bit each day and looked forward to it as a daily treat
•  I was transported to other places and found myself living what I was reading.

The book prompts personal change as we read. From the very beginning, Ken’s intention was for it to do this. As he wrote, he meditated continually so everyone would find themselves drawn into greater personal balance and into the discovery of the wonderful light, love, harmony and joy that expanding personal awakening brings. A lot of feedback shows that he has succeeded:

•    I realised if you could do it, then I could too
•    I have found great encouragement from your story
•    Your account of your journey has helped me understand my own much more deeply
•    As I read, I kept going into deep meditation and could feel myself changing
•    I see myself and the world very differently now.

Wonderfully easy to read, it’s like having a personal conversation with Ken. He is in the room with us—an extraordinary feat. And it’s like poetry in places, too. As one reviewer wrote:

‘[Ken] is extremely skilled at bringing words to life. There are many, many well-worded descriptive paragraphs. There are other parts that are [both] beautifully written [and] intensely moving.’

So if you want to go on an extraordinary journey with, as Ken describes himself, an ‘ordinary bloke’ as your guide, this is a book for you.

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