Really Been There & Done That! – Siddharth Deshmukh (Pune, India)

May 27th, 2010  |  Published in Reviews  |  No Comments

This book has the insights and wisdom of a person who has truly been there and done that, before actually preaching to someone else. Ken Mellor writes effortlessly of a variety of deep concepts – births within a life, for instance, or communicating telepathically, for another, but it is spoken with deep personal experience backing it up which gives it gravitas.

Again – the tone and manner of the book isn’t looking down upon you – you feel as if you are invited into a journey involving the urban mystic’s life. It is indeed difficult for a person to be a typical psychoanalyst (which Mellor was) and a mystic (which requires you to look at life not as a mere puzzle but an enduring mystery) but it is clear that Mellor has indeed led that life. Worth a read!

Siddharth posted his review on on May 18th, 2010

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