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11 YouTube Videos Available – Ken

June 20th, 2010  |  Published in Blog  |  No Comments

Great news! Have a look. There are 11 short video clips of Elizabeth and me talking about different aspects of meditation. I think they’ve worked really well.

I hope you enjoy them. And, if you have friends who would like to know some of what we teach on meditation (in  the Awakening Network), they can get a glipse of it there.

In the near future, I’ll put direct links into this blog so you can go directly from here to the video clips. Meanwhile, go to and do a search for TheAwakeningNetwork.

We’ve been trying to get a presence on YouTube for a couple of years. Now we have. Some things take time. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the project.

Enthralling, meditative, loving, enriching – What more do you want! – Margo Field

June 7th, 2010  |  Published in Reviews  |  No Comments

This book has it all – unputdownable – I read it in about 10 days, which is highly irregular for me. This guy is the totally ‘real deal’ – he provides personal accounts of stuff that NO ONE writes about in the first person – especially not in such a chatty and candid way. Meditative journeys, energy states, being sure and unsure on life’s mystical path – it’s all there – including the meaning of life (no kidding). In short the book has been an enriching and loving experience – I am all the better for it!

Exciting Spiritual Reading – George Packard

June 7th, 2010  |  Published in Reviews  |  No Comments

For anyone on the spiritual path this is a must read. The author, psychotherapist and Meditation Master Ken Mellor pulls no punches when describing the ups and downs of his spiritual journey. With candor, humor and integrity he takes us on a fascinating read. And like other books, where the authors have truly realized what it is they are writing about, it had a profound impact on me. Easy to read, it has a depth and clarity that is palpable and contains many spiritual practices that people could easily put into their daily life. Once I started I could not put the book down.

“Closer … than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

June 4th, 2010  |  Published in Blog  |  No Comments

I have been very moved by the many people who have written since the award to tell me how much they have valued reading Urban Mystic. This is wonderful news and and I thank you all for letting me know. One of my prime motivations in sharing my story was that it might stimulate others into greater understanding of themselves, increase their resolve to keep going in the face of challenge, and discover that true awakening is already available within ourselves and our lives if we are prepared to face fully what is there so we can expand with the direct experience of whatever that is.

True self, the Infinite, trascendent Love are all ‘closer … than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet’, as Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote. All we need to do is to stop in silence and immerse ourselves in the presence.

Thank you everyone. Ken

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