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Ken MellorKen Mellor lives in rural Victoria (in south-eastern Australia). He shares his life with his wife, two dogs and multitudes of Australian indigenous creatures (exotic birds, kangaroos, wallabies, possums, echidnas, snakes … ) The open skies, extensive views and the climate constantly stimulate a sense of oneness and the wonderful aliveness of everything.

He is a multiple prize-winning author, a spiritual mentor and a master of meditation. He and his wife, Elizabeth, trained intensely with three Indian masters during a period of more than 27 years. Prior to that, Ken worked as a professional social worker, psychotherapist, psychotherapist trainer, parent educator and a consultant to business.

The major feature of his work has been the way he has drawn together its many different aspects. As a result, his approach to spirituality and life is one that easily marries profound spiritual practices (from the East) with personal growth methods (from the West). Practices from both sources contribute to Awakening and each practice has an important part to play in that. 

His approach is practical and down-to-earth, light-hearted and profound – and wonderfully releasing and awakening. You will find all these qualities in Urban Mystic.

Ken’s writing has been published in magazines, professional journals, and online. He has also written, co-authored or contributed to more than 18 books; and some of his work has been published in more than 18 languages. He was honoured with the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award in 1980 for his work on Discounting (with Eric Sigmund) and was a finalist in the Spirituality Category of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Awards for Urban Mystic.

In 1984, he co-founded a non-profit, educational, spiritually oriented organisation, now known as  The Awakening Network Inc. The network has thousands of active members and associates in more than 30 countries. You can visit the website at http://www.awakeningnetwork.net/

He is available for workshops, presentations and talks (to small and large groups),  supervision of professional practitioners, and for mentoring/life coaching sessions. 

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