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Hi Everyone. George Packard has just completed recording 28 segments of the meditations, one for each meditation. We have been planning having these for a long time. And it takes a long time to do this kind of thing, too – many hours. So a Big Thank You to George for doing all the work.

I have now installed them in this site for the Urban Mystic Book as well as in the Awakening Network site (in the two shops). So now, you and anyone else can listen to a sample of the meditations, when purchasing which should make it much easier to know what you are getting. Ken

Wonderful Response at TA Conference

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I have just returned from a Transactional Analysis conference that was held in Freemantle, near Perth, Western Australia. It was a great success and was my first TA conference since about 1981.

I was scheduled for three events on the program: meditation every morning from 8.00 to 8.45, a panel that I proposed on how we can expand TA to respond to new understanding about Mind Body and Spirit, and a workshop called Becoming Whole. Everything was very well received and I loved participating in other people’s workshops. I was also very impressed with the way people were using powerpoint presentations in their workshops. They were highly skilled and had many lovely, dynamic ways of doing things.

Urban Mystic was a real hit, too. I sold all 10 copies that I took with me – before the end of two days, too. I also managed to arrange for a Kerry, a love lady who was handling book sales, to stock it as well several others (Pearls, Oscar’s Way, Bushfire) in her shop. Urban Mystic is also available online in lots of places: Angus & Robertson, Borders …  Just do a Google search for – “Urban Mystic” “Ken Mellor” Online Bookshops. My search came up with 65 options. It has been available internationally online since mid-way through last year, including in India.

It’s wonderful the way news is getting around!

Sales and Interest in Urban Mystic

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During our trip to UK in October, we did six workshops. At each one of them, there was great interest in Urban Mystic, resulting in lots of sales and some very amusing “signings”. It’s very gratifying that there is so much interest. People tell me they have got a great deal out of reading the book.

I am curently on the south-western coast of Australia – in Freemantle which is about 45 minutes south by car from Perth. I’m here for a Transactional Analysis conference called Healing Mind, Body and Spirit. As a sign of the amoutn of change made in the last forty years, I am in the official program conducting morning meditation sessions for all three days of the conference. We had the first session this morning and it was a beautiful experience. I am taking everyone through The Awakening Meditation in the three days, culminating in an initiation into the Vedic Mantra.

I managed to squeeze 10 copies of Urban Mystic into my baggage and today, the first day of the conference, all ten have sold! The shop handling things at the conference is really keen to stock the book, plus Elizabeth’s two – Oscar’s Way and Busfire. For Urban Mystic this means it will be in this shop in Freemantle, the TS Bookshop in Melbourne and in the Borders online bookshop in Australia. Lovely.

Lots of interest in UK

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Elizabeth and I are still in UK on our trip. It’s nearing the end with one more day of a two-day workshop in Malvern, then we are off to Bristol where we have two days of rest followed by a one-day workshop.

Everywhere we have been people are commenting on the value to them of reading Urban Mystic and how much they enjoyed it as well. Lot’s of people are buying it over here and I’m having the pleasure of signing their books for them.

Many are saying what a therapeutic experience it is to read it. So one of my main goals has been achieved, that the book would take readers through life changing experiences.

Sales going well

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Sales of Urban Mystic are going really well. There are over 200 listed in the Strategic Book Publishing site, we have sold several hundred in Australia, and we are now getting the book into Australian bookshops. The TS Bookshop in Russell Street, Melbourne 3000, is one and it is in the Borders Online Shop too (

I continue to get lots of great feedback. Ken

Off to Sydney on 16th September

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Elizabeth and I are going to Sydney on 16th. E is going for a writers’ conference and, while she is busy there, I will be running four workshops.

Friday 17th: (10.30 to 2.00): Parenting in the Early Years. Contact Maxine 
Click her for a pdf flyer.    Click here for a Word flyer.

Friday 17th: (6.30 to 9.00): Consciousness, Intimacy & Intuition – (Elizabeth and Ken Mellor) 
Contact Karyn Krawford for information and registration:

Saturday 18th: (9.00 – 5.00) Life as a Mirror (Ken Mellor) for people curious to find fulfilment and direction.
Contact Krystyna Hunt 02 9953 7644 or
Click her for a pdf flyer.    Click here for Word flyer.

Sunday 19th: (9.00 – 5.00) Developing Our Presence as Practitioners – (Ken Mellor) for people interested in the deep and often spiritual dimensions of client-practitioner exchanges.
Contact Izabella Hunt 0438 122 244 or
Click her for a pdf flyer.  Click here for a Word flyer.

I hope I’ll see you then. I’m also hoping this will be the first of several trips up to Sydney in the neear future.

Check It Out – Ken

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I’ve just finished putting two new pages in this blog/website. One has the 11 videos that are also posted on YouTube. The other has our full list fourteen (14) recorded meditations that Elizabeth and I have created since 1981. You’ll be able to click on what attracts you and find things very easily. Let me know what you think.

Videos – Ken

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I have just added links to all the YouTube videos to a page called “Videos” on my website. Elizabeth and I hope you enjoy them.

Wonderful Reviews; Advertising Soon

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Hi everyone. I’m still getting wondeful reveiws. Lots are already in the Reveiws. However, some are too personal to put in this blog, so I haven’t. However, what is clear is that many people are getting great benefit from the book. This is wonderful and a result I fully intended as I wrote the book.

I am delighted to get your feedback, so write to me if you would like me to know your responses.

On another topic, in the near future, we will start making contact with the media to see if we can get more public interest going. Watch this space.   By the way, if you have already read the book, please feel free to recommend it to others. I am keen to spread the word as widely as possible.

Blessings to you all. Ken

Some New Videos of Ken & Elizabeth

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While in New Zealand, with the help of the Wellington Committee of the Network, we recorded eleven short videos. (You’ll see this mentioned in my last post.) In these videos, we answer some common questions people ask about meditation. The following is a sample. The others can be found by clicking here.

Enjoy! Ken

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