It’s already helped

October 28th, 2010  |  Published in Reviews  |  No Comments

 Hi Ken.  I recently finished reading your book. What a fantastic read. I still have it on the bedside as I’m considering giving it another go straight away!

Like all good books I became immersed in the story and in this case I felt like I was becoming awakened with you. What a lovely sensation. 

Your writing and story also encouraged me to have a good think about some issues close to home, resulting in a rather large  Ah ha moment for me.

Things are already getting better on that front. So many thanks for a good read and the nudge in a better direction.  Kind Regards, Rowan

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Another Happy Reader – Jim Hirsch

July 10th, 2010  |  Published in Reviews  |  No Comments

Jim and I were talking recently on the telephone and he said, “Reading your book is just like a meditation, like meditating. It’s very easy and enjoyable to read. I find I can relate directly to a lot of what is written; and frequently pause in order to digest the old experiences my reading stimulates me to remember.” Thanks Jim. I love the feedback.

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