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Ken’s writing has been published in magazines, professional journals, and online. He has also written, co-authored or contributed to more than 18 books; and aspects of his work have been published in more than 18 languages. He was honoured with the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award in 1980 for his work on Discounting (with Eric Sigmund) and was a finalist (short-listed in the top 5) in the 2010 New Generation Indie Awards for Urban Mystic.

By the way, the book Pearls: Advice for the Path of Spiritual Awakening (See below) is like a companion volume to Urban Mystic. A small volume, it gives many hints on how to approach common experiences and challenges as they arise during ongoing meditation practice.

Taking Charge: Task Analysis, Option Development, Problem Solving (P.I.T. Press, Melbourne, 1980) ISBN 0-909257-20-5

‘Transactional Analysis: “I’ll Use What Works” An Integrated Eclecticism’ in Experiential Psychotherapies in Australia, (Eds.) Dick Armstrong and Phill Boas (P.I.T. Press, Melbourne, 1980) ISBN

Hatha Yoga for Westerners (International Master Practitioners Guild Inc. (now The Awakening Network Inc.)), Melbourne, 1985) ISBN 0-646-25255-0

Another Day Younger (International Master Practitioners Guild Inc.(now The Awakening Network Inc.)), Melbourne, 1996) ISBN 0-646-28088-0

Pearls: Advice for the Path of Spiritual Awakening (Biame Network Inc. (now The Awakening Network Inc.), Seymour (Australia), 2005) ISBN 1-920892-79-6

ParentCraft: Essential skills for raising children from infancy to adulthood (Finch Publishing, Sydney, 1999) (Published in 5 languages) ISBN 1-876451-06-8

Easy Parenting (Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2001) ISBN 1-876451-11-4

ParentCraft: A practical guide to raising children well (2nd Edition)(Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2001) ISBN 1-876451-19-X

The Happy Family (Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2001) ISBN 1-876451-12-2

Teen Stages: How to guide the journey to adulthood (Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2004) ISBN 1-876451-38-6

Personal Well Being (Biame Network Inc. (now The Awakening Network Inc.), Seymour (Australia), 2007)

Meditation for Beginners (Biame Network Inc. (now The Awakening Network Inc.), Seymour (Australia) 2007)

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ARTICLES ON PARENTING (Published in the Womenzone website, and the Melbourne’s Child and the Classroom Parent Magazines)
Parents crave answers to many questions as they raise their children. Ken and Elizabeth have been parent-educators and authors of parenting books for many years. Their answers are sometimes unexpected because they related to the real needs of children and parents. They are not based on theories or conjecture. They have also stood the test of time, as the children who were raised using their principles attenst in the way they live their lives.

You can find many answers to common questions in their parenting website. Click Here or go to http://www.awakeningnetwork.net/Parenting/parenting_introduction.htm

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